Songwriting in a beautiful setting


What is the project?

Songwriting for Nature is a Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) program that helps established or aspiring musicians connect with nature and hone their songwriting skills.

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Facilitated by RSM Curator of Human Ecology Glenn Sutter, Songwriting for Nature has been funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada since 2016, with additional support from SaskOutdoors. The programs include guided hikes, yoga sessions, campfire jams, facilitated discussions, group songwriting, and opportunities to record demos for this website and a popular listening station at the RSM called “Nature Inspires.” There is also a research component looking at the relationship between creativity and nature connection.

What will we do?

You’ll take part in multi-day camps, where you’ll talk and learn about song structure and strategies for crafting lyrics and melodies. You’ll also capture your impressions of amazing places, using whatever means you like, (e.g., journaling, photography, visual art, etc.).


Each program may include one opportunity to showcase your songs at a public performance.